We are currently on day 40-something, I have lost track, of LOCKDOWN in South Africa. Many small businesses are not allowed to operate, forcing many to shut down completely.

This is such a scary time, for everybody. There is not a single person I can think of that is not affected. I fear that we may, long term, have more deaths from the humanitarian crisis that Covid-19 is creating, than from the virus itself. Having said this, I am all for taking every possible measure to avoid spreading the virus at an uncontrollable rate.

Now is the time to go online – in every possible way you can. Start an online shop, take orders for when couriers are allowed to operate. Start a website for a service you can offer. Set up your social media and gain a bigger audience with a bit of effort.

SoMe Sensation is helping do that for a few – if you want to get online, get in touch and see how we can help you.

Get online today!

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