By Pam K

Clear your space, clear your mind. As I get older, I am realising more and more that “stuff” cluttering my space, equates to “stuff” cluttering my mind. I am constantly looking for ways to scale down. I guess it helps that my current living situation doesn’t allow space for clutter anyway. According to my personal logic, this is a list of ways to start.

I am by no means anywhere near being as minimalistic as I hope to be – but it is a damn good feeling to start!

  • Get rid of clothes, shoes and linen – anything you have not used in 6 months, is a good place to start. Sort a shelf of your cupboard a day until you have a good pile of excess that you can donate. The simple act of donating this, clears space in your cupboard, and in your mind.
  • Next – your kitchen. Unless you are a superb cook that spends loads of time in the kitchen, how many gadgets can you actually use? One of my businesses is based in the kitchen, so there is a lot I actually need. But for the most part – why have more than you need? Why do you need 50 mis-matched glasses? Assess your kitchen, and put excess into a box. Keep the box for a month, if you don’t miss anything – donate it!
  • Clear your email folder – unsubscribe to the junk. Let go of the daily “specials” and “sales” and “business opportunities” – do you actually read them?
  • Look at your budget, this is a whole topic in itself, but quite simply, stop buying stuff you don’t need, it is only cluttering your mind and space. Make a list of “stuff” that you need, and a few things you want, and analyse this with your budget to see where you actually stand. You don’t “need” a 7th black cardigan, bought with debt, do you?
  • Bathroom – I do this at least once a week! Any bubble bath, body wash, hand wash that is not being used, gets collated into one bottle and used as hand soap. I have not actually bought hand wash in months, and have far less bottles lying around. It really is all the same thing.
  • Get rid of old and expired food and ingredients from your pantry. At the same time, if there is food that you just don’t intend using – there are literally hundreds of starving people around (in S.A. at the moment, they are at every traffic light – people are starving).
  • Eliminate things in your life that hold you back – I am absolutely guilty of this. I put things off that might cause uncomfortable situations, but in fact, they are just delaying the inevitable. I could use some motivation in this department …

Lastly, I think quiet time is more important than we think. Whether you are praying, meditating, or just sitting quietly, do it. Every day.

Wishing your a healthy & well week

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