By Melissa Winter

How Yoga Found me.

Since my teens I have always been interested in exercise and movement, but mostly it was to strengthen my body and keep the weight off from all the food I was eating. I worked out twice a day in the gym for many years until I decided I was getting too muscular, then I moved to hammering my body with way too much cardio….I enjoyed it and it was a good time to reflect on what I needed to do for that day … I just over did it and my body burned out.

Eventually a friend introduced me to Bikram Yoga … from the first class I was addicted, I really enjoyed the class, the hot room, although this took time for me to get used to, and most importantly how my body felt afterwards, it hummed for about an hour after the class. I explored different types of yoga, Vinyasa Flow being my favourite. I loved how each teacher taught me to use the lessons I learned on the mat, to assist me in what might be happening in my life….yoga for me is so much more than just a physical activity; it is a holistic support to my life as well.

I hit a pretty bad patch not long after that. Taking one day at a time and practising Bikram yoga daily, I managed to get through stronger and healthier. Yoga shone light on the areas in my body and my life that needed attention and balance. The amount of growth in those challenging years was tremendous.

Finally I was strong enough to go back to Vinyasa Flow and after a while I decided to complete a 200hr Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Course. This course encouraged more personal growth and a better understanding of each pose, the importance of breath work and of course meditation along with making friends with beautiful yogis. I’m excited about this new journey that yoga has opened for me and I’m looking forward to sharing what I have learned and am still learning with all the lovely people that cross my path. Namasta.

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