While microgreens look like a beautiful garnish, they are in fact an ingredient jam-packed with nutrients. Microgreens are nature’s cheat sheet to full nutrition and healthy eating. Our microgreens are 100% organic, hand-reared and free of any pesticides.
What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are young vegetable greens that are approximately 2.5–7.5 cm tall. They have an aromatic flavour, concentrated nutrient content, and come in a variety of colours and textures. Microgreens are considered baby plants, falling somewhere between a sprout and baby green.
What are the benefits of microgreens?
Microgreens are delicious and packed with nutrients!
While their nutrient contents vary slightly, most varieties tend to be rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper.
Microgreens are also a great source of beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants.
What is more, their nutrient content is concentrated, which means that they often contain higher vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels than the same quantity of mature greens.
In fact, research comparing microgreens to more mature greens reports that nutrient levels in microgreens can be up to nine times higher than those found in mature greens.
Research also shows that they contain a wider variety of polyphenols and other antioxidants than their mature counterparts.
One study measured vitamin and antioxidant concentrations in 25 commercially available microgreens. These levels were then compared to levels recorded in the USDA National Nutrient Database for mature leaves.
Although vitamin and antioxidant levels varied, levels measured in microgreens were up to 40 times higher than those recorded for more mature leaves.
How to include microgreens into your diet?
There are many ways to include microgreens in your diet.
They can be incorporated into a variety of dishes, including sandwiches, wraps and salads.
Microgreens may also be blended into smoothies or juiced. Wheatgrass juice is a popular example of a juiced microgreen.
Another option is to use them as garnishes on pizzas, soups, omelettes, curries, and other warm dishes, or just enjoyed as a yummy healthy snack.

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