Colour is visually the most important part of what we eat. The colour immediately manifests our expectations of taste, smell and satiation.

This is my take on the “psychology” of colours associated with food – please visit a real psychologist for your psychological food needs :).

RED – According to research, the colour red is not only eye-catching but also triggers appetite; this is likely because the colour found in natural foods like berries, indicates ripeness or sweetness.

RED food – this naturally looks appetising, crunchy and juicey.

YELLOW – perceived as the happiest, it is said to evoke optimism and general good feelings. Yellow is also considered an appetite stimulant, as with red.

No words needed – this is a happy image.

GREEN – The word ORGANIC, immediately springs to mind. Many consumers are looking for products that are sustainable and organic, making green a go-to colour for many food products. The colour green is now almost synonymous with health and well-being when it comes to food.

Simply wholesome and good!

WHITE – Pure, simple, and clean – the words that generally come to mind with white foods (think yoghurt, milk, soft cheese as well as salt). White encourages a mood of pureness, innovation, sophistication and pureness.

You don’t get much purer than cauliflower :).

PURPLE – Purple evokes a sense of luxury and indulgence. Found naturally in many foods, such as berries, cabbage and grapes. (Cabbage doesn’t seem luxurious, but a great inspiration for good recipes)

Royally beautiful PURPLE food!

BROWN – Earthy coloured foods create a feeling of natural wholesomeness. I am a little biased here, and only have two words – COFFEE, CHOCOLATE … The End (of brown food).

CHOCOLATE! COFFEE! The best brown foods!

Branding and packaging has a big impact on the food products we chose to buy and consume. Very interesting when you think about what they all mean!

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~ Pam ~

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